Below are a series of reports/white papers with information on Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments, the university partners, and the various thematic areas:

Creating Institutional Change in Data Science

How do we create and sustain long-term institutional structures which support the new generation of scientists whose research depends crucially on the analysis of massive, noisy, and/or complex data and whose work may require substantial curation and/or development efforts? What about those scientists who focus entirely on building next-generation tools that others ultimately use to derive new science? Read about what the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments are exploring for their campuses:

2015 - 2018 MSDSE Evaluation

In 2015, the Sloan and Moore Foundations contracted with Abt Associates to conduct a 3-year evaluation of the MSDSE program, which concluded in Fall 2018. The study drew on several sources: review of MSDSE reports, websites, and policy papers; three site visits to each university; 132 interviews and two on-line surveys of participants and non-participants; and observations at three all hands summits. In addition, Abt Associates examined the broader data science landscape by interviewing the leaders of 17 entities similar to MSDSEs about their efforts.

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White Papers and Reports

Our growing community has learned a lot over the last 6 years. Below is a collections of papers and reports on some of the best practices and lessons learned from the MSDSEs and beyond.

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