Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments

Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments

NEWS: The 2019 DSE Summit and the 2019 Data Science Leadership Summit were smashing successes! Stay tuned for outputs from both events. In the meantime, check out the programs to see what we did:

2019 DSE Summit

2019 Data Science Leadership Summit


Although data-driven research is already accelerating scientific discovery, substantial systemic challenges in academia need to be overcome to maximize its impact and create supportive environments for researchers using and developing data-intensive practices.

We seek to enhance data-driven discovery by supporting cross-disciplinary academic data scientists at research institutions. Our work is organized around six challenges, which are themes used to effectively focus our efforts to advance the future of academic data science. Learn more:

We have created three Data Science Environments to work toward our goal:

Here’s our joint white paper detailing our approaches and some of our lessons learned: Creating Institutional Change in Data Science. For our other white papers and reports, check out our Reports page.

Other institutions are working toward similar goals. Read more about other data science initiatives.